I work on the central Continuous Delivery team at Yahoo. So it goes without saying that I want my personal website to have the same awesomeness.

My first thought was, this is Jekyll, so it should be pretty easy to just build the static HTML and host it somewhere. So I jumped to my go-to CD tool, Wercker.

It has been a while since I used them. Apparently, they got rid of their custom boxes in favor of Docker images direct from the registry. So after a bit of fiddling, I pulled the ruby image, installed my dependencies, and ran a Jekyll build.

Whoops. Caught by a simple error.

Hmm, so it appears I need to pull in some sort of JavaScript runtime. On my Mac I already have Node.JS installed, so obviously I came up with the bad idea of installing that in the container…

Ugh. That added at least another minute to my build, but at least it passed.

After some discussions with myself, I determined that I was crazy and should probably just click the link provided in the error message. First item on that page gave me a solution that just required another gem, therubyracer, to be added to my Gemfile.

Build Passed!

wercker status

Awesome!! And I got my build time to under a minute.

Next I need to figure out deployments.