Well, here I am. Wordpress-less.

I figured after 5+ years of not updating my Wordpress blog, that maybe it’s a little overpowered for what I need.

I was also quite sick of the alerts from Rackspace that I my VM had consumed all the memory again. I’m sure there’s something bad going on, but honestly I really didn’t want to worry and maintain it anymore.

So welcome to the start of my new site. Looks the same (mostly), but in fact is completely flat-file - built entirely with Jekyll!

That means no more databases, server-side code, security updates, etc. It’s amazing!

Obviously, I’m significantly lacking content - intentional of course. I was going through the process of migrating my old blog posts, but it occurred to me that I don’t think 5-7 year old posts about PHP 5 are really applicable anymore. Hence the blank slate.

Hopefully as I find any free time, I’ll be populating this with old projects, new ideas, and fun things I discover in my daily life.

Out of wordpress, into the fire.