• OpenVPN and DD-WRT

    I’m not sure why but there is apparently no simple tutorial on how to get started with an OpenVPN server on DD-WRT.

    When I set this up, I followed about 15 different guides and had to steal some configuration from a friend (who doesn’t remember where he found it).

    This shouldn’t ever be this difficult, so I decided to write it all down for the next person to have an easier time.

  • Raspberry Pi Streamsaver

    Personally, I’m a huge fan of home automation. Ever since my wife and I bought our house, I’ve been trying to find ways to secure and automate it. This obviously included the basic toys like the Amazon Echo and Nest Thermostat.

    But one of the other areas I’m poking around in is security cameras, specifically monitoring the entrances of the house. I live in a quiet neighborhood, but I do hear a lot of complaints on NextDoor of people stealing packages.

    This always made me uncomfortable, so I consider the cameras as a method to enhance my calm.

    Anwyway, so the problem I seem to have now is that the two cameras I purchased (D-Link DCS-932LB1 and a Foscam FI8910W) will only perform two operations on motion/sound detection: - Send email of 1 picture per second for 6 seconds - Upload same pictures to FTP server

    It works, kinda. It’s just not ideal.

    So how can I make this better? Bam, spare Raspberry Pi!

  • Hosting Woes

    Now that I can build my blog via continuous integration, I want to push the digital envelope and go to full continuous deployment.

    GitHub Pages

    Apparently, the most common way to deploy Jekyll applications is via GitHub Pages. Put your Jekyll configuration in GitHub and magically you can have your own blog complete with subdomain and automated deployment.

    Well that sounds perfect! It’s simple. Lots of people are doing it. Why shouldn’t I?

    And then I ran across this article:

    F%#ck Github Pages for my Jekyll blog. Why I decided to use Digital Ocean instead?

  • Wercker It

    I work on the central Continuous Delivery team at Yahoo. So it goes without saying that I want my personal website to have the same awesomeness.

    My first thought was, this is Jekyll, so it should be pretty easy to just build the static HTML and host it somewhere. So I jumped to my go-to CD tool, Wercker.

  • Free from Wordpress

    Well, here I am. Wordpress-less.

    I figured after 5+ years of not updating my Wordpress blog, that maybe it’s a little overpowered for what I need.

    I was also quite sick of the alerts from Rackspace that I my VM had consumed all the memory again. I’m sure there’s something bad going on, but honestly I really didn’t want to worry and maintain it anymore.